Angels and Ascended

An autobiography and experiences of a seraphim/archangel



which shows all the photographs in colour

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Cynthia Angela Soal

(Angel Cynthia Angela

A Seraphim/Archangel, an Angel of Atlantis, a modern day Divine Prophet, Ascended Master and Divine Channel for God, directly appointed by God the Divine Source.
Author, Artist, Photographer, Spiritual Teacher, Certified Associate Healing Practitioner/Teacher accredited to teach and give healing in various energy healing systems, and create healing systems
Reiki Grand Master Level 18 Healing Practitioner/Teacher.
Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Telepath, Medium, Mystic and Shaman.

Accredited Associate member of the
Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches


Appeared to me as a golden angel

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